Universal Uberoid WM8650 1.5.7 v12 (With WLAN Update FIX, August 8th 2012)

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Published on: September 4, 2012
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Universal WM8650 Uberoid v12 runs on 215 models of VIA/WM 8650 chip based tablets. This includes tablets that have a sim card / phone function and about all different screen sizes from 5″ to 10.2″. The firmware is rooted and equipped with a lot of boosts as usual, improving your chinese tablet a lot in performance, and in usability. Enjoy this nice firmware mod!

Uberoid is a modded 1.5.7 firmware with 1.5.7 Green and 1.5.5 Blue kernels with loaders from 1.3.1. In general, Uberoid is a highly optimized ROM for WM8650 tablets that is easy to modify:


RUN CHANGER.BAT on a Windows PC to setup and / or personalize the ROM. Type “X” <enter> in CHANGER to see all XTRA commands.

Uberoid 1.5.7 Special CHANGER commands:
  FIND = Find model, enter a part of your model name and see the results.
SD Tools:
  SDFORMAT = SD Format and Copy Tool
Language Support:
  AR = Arabic support
  UNAR = Disable Arabic support
  TM = Tamil support
  UNTM = Disable Tamil support
  TH = Thai support
  UNTH = Disable Thai support
  TR = Turkish support
  UNTR = Disable Turkish support
  KM = Khmer support
  UNKM = Disable Khmer support
Custom ROM commands:
  LOC = HcH’z Android locale changer
  RT3070 = RT3070 v2 support (got no wifi? try this)
  UNRT3070 = Disable RT3070 v2 support
  RT30702 = RT3070 v2 OLD support (still got no wifi? then try this)
  UNRT30702 = Disable RT3070 v2 OLD support
  PHONE = Uberoid phone support
  UNPHONE = Disable the phone support
  AUDIO = Switch AudioBoost on or off
  XTRAMODS = Extra additional modules such as iptables
  WPAPATCH = Patched WPA for those who have problem with the newer devices
  UNWPAPATCH = Remove the patch
  THEME = Choose your Android theme, ICS(HcH and TekNotes MOD) / FROYO(Stock) / HC(HcH MOD)
  BOOTANI = Bootanimation generator, themes: ICS and HC
  CUKN = Fix for Cannot Update Kernel NAND error. NOTE: Use this option after you set a model
  BB119 = BusyBox 1.19, enter “BB116″ for Default BusyBox 1.16
  REC = Flash Recovery, use this when you flashed but have chosen a wrong option, bootloops, bootanimation loops, no touch screen, no sound issues can be resolved using this.
WARNING! Use at your own risk! You can also manually input values from the recovered uboot env using a terminal emulator and the command wmtenv set “VALUE”
  FLICKERFIX = If your tablet’s screen flickers, enter this before you upgrade/reflash/write to sd
WARNING! Do not use in combination with XTRAMODS
  WifiN = Wifi N patch, use only with models that specify having the N standard
  Freezefix = 1.5.5 kernel for netbooks and tablets that randomly freeze
  CIFS = Cifs/TUN support with nls_utf8
  KB/UNKN = Enable/disable onscreen keyboard



If you using Windows, run CHANGER_WIN.bat
If you using Mac, run CHANGER_OSX.sh
If you using UNIX or LINUX, run CHANGER_NIX.sh

  • select your model (changes ROM config according to you model)
  • copy Uberoid to SD (type in CHANGER “SD” <enter>, or anwer “y” after CHANGER has set a model, it will ask you to copy to SD.)
  • Format a SD properly and copy Uberoid to it (type in CHANGER “SDFORMAT” <enter>, or anwer “y” after CHANGER has received “n” to the COPY question, it will ask you if you want to format and copy to SD.)
  • Change the font/lang to Arabic (type in CHANGER “AR” <enter>)
  • Change the font/lang to Thai (type in CHANGER “TH” <enter>)
  • Change the font/lang to Turkish (type in CHANGER “TR” <enter>)
  • Change the font/lang/browser to Tamil (type in CHANGER “TM” <enter>)
  • Enable/disable phone support by executing “PHONE” <enter>
  • Add rt3070v2 support by typing “RT3070″ <enter> (type “UNRT3070″ to undo) Use this option when you have no wlan, you can use this with every option
  • You can mix language / region settings very easy, type “LOC” <enter> in the CHANGER for more info and settings.
  • Recover env_uboot after a bad flash, type ‘REC’ (WARNING! Only on the first flash, if you flash twice the original uboot_env will be overwritten, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!)

Main features:

  • HoneyComb styled launcher, framework and icons
  • Extreme WM8650 compatibility (170 models +!)
  • Run CHANGER to make the ROM compatible with your device using Windows
  • Customizable ROM, make it more LITE for example, type X to see all options
  • Rooted
  • Full Flash Player 10.1 (not the evaluation version anymore)
  • Audio Boosted
  • RAM Boosted
  • Memory cleaning boosted
  • Memory read/write boosted
  • Lite version, stripped away many apps
  • Tries to support as many languages as possible
  • Real working Google Play Store
  • Faster boot than previous Uberoid
  • Higher performance than previous builts

Tablet Compatibility List:

1=MID V7 7inch
1=Fview NL Intertoys 7inch
1=MID E18 7inch
1=M009S Green LED 7inch
1=TomTec Tablet 7inch
1=Maylong M-250 7inch
2=M009S Blue LED 7inch
2=iBAK-784 7inch
2=Polaroid MPC700G 7inch
2=Epad GW-70 7inch
2=Bluetech PWS700HV 7inch
2=MIDV7 Blue LED 7inch
2=WinPad-C07 7inch
2=Ceavis 7inch
3=M003S (vt1603ts) 8inch
3=Innovatek MID 8inch
3=Top Eight KTB-07E2R 8inch
4=PC-802 8inch
5=BLY-806 8inch
6=M80003W 8inch
6=M806B 8inch
6=MID M80006 8inch
7=Apex 7inch
7=BLY-706F v1 7inch
7=M706S 7inch
7=Kingcom Joypad 72 7inch
7=Kingcom Joypad 73 7inch
7=I-INN Kirk M77V 7inch
7=APAD (MID) 7002 7inch
7=Netbook X6-7V
7=iDea USA IUMID-0071 7inch
8=Maylong M-250 v2 7inch
8=MID703 7inch
8=Netbook WM8650 7inch
8=V7 MID 7inch
8=ILC PC Tab701 7inch
8=KLD-MID701 7inch
8=M709W 7inch
8=Scipad 7inch
8=MID710 7inch
8=CE037B 7inch
8=Promedia Netbook Kids 7inch
8=PO7466 7inch Netbook
8=Imos A702 7inch Netbook
8=Netpad 11 7inch
8=Maipad 7inch
9=Tabtech 7inch
9=M010S 7inch
9=FlashTab 7inch
9=Xiron 7inch
9=TomTec 7inch
10=M80003W v1.5.x 8inch
10=M012S 8inch
11=M70007T 7inch
11=ViaPad M7 7inch
11=M768A 7inch
11=Leader V70 7inch
11=Epad GW-707 7inch
12=ATF3416-7 7inch
12=NeoPad8650 7inch
13=BLY-706F v3 7inch
13=NETPAD 11 7inch
13=Zixoon Z78 7inch
14=E16 5cun1603 5inch
15=ED99 8cun1603 8inch
15=MID 806 8inch
15=M806S 8inch
15=L.Ausa W8 8inch
15=I-INN SPOCK M87V 8inch
15=BLY-806 8inch
15=PC-802 DT 8inch
15=Kingcom Joypad 81
16=E18 7cun1603 7inch
17=ED99 8cun8900 8inch
18=Ricatech RATAB 10inch
18=TomTec 10inch
18=NetBook WM8650 10inch
18=Dmedia ATF3417 4G 10inch
19=M013s 10inch
19=Prixton 1001 10inch
20=ePad M009D 7inch
20=MID A713 7inch
20=Intreeo MID-WL7 7inch
21=ZX07D 7inch
22=M008s 9.7inch
23=E18_7cun1603DT152 7inch
24=E88_97cun1603153 10inch
25=IMITO Im7 1.5.1 7inch
26=puzhi_7inch_vt1609_ts 7inch
27=M01B 1.5.3 7inch
27=Pad IMO Tab X3 7inch
27=Evang TP-7001 7inch
28=TP_puzhi_7inch_vt1609_ts_152 7inch
29=M009plus 1.5.1 7inch
30=M009SBDT 1.5.3 7inch
30=M003F 7inch
30=SKU10374 7inch
30=SUPERVOX VX1107 7inch
30=DL Smart T-804 7inch
31=M731123 7inch
32=SV27C151 7inch
33=CEM8650701 7inch
34=CEM8650702 7inch
35=CEM8650801 8inch
36=CEM8650971 9.7inch
37=CEM8650972 9.7inch
38=E10 7inch Phone
38=IMO Z3 7inch Phone
39=aPad 2 9.7inch
39=J355 9.7inch
40=JSA8inch_std_vt1609 8inch
40=WP-800 8inch
41=8inch_vt1603 8inch
41=DCPAD1398 8inch
41=Atai 8650 8inch
42=8inch_vt1609_ts 8inch
42=Wintouch C08 8inch
42=Winpad C-08 8inch
43=SV28B 8inch
44=M788P 153 7inch Phone
44=wms8153_7inch_2g 7inch
45=Szstzl 7A-1 7inch
45=KS-UMPC070VA Netbook 7inch
45=SoundLogic Netbook 7inch
45=Shenzhen Kinstone Netbook 7inch
46=Szstzl 7A 7inch
47=jinghan_10inch_lvds1603_wifibtn 10inch
48=M013S_VT1603 10.1inch
48=puzhi_10.1inch_vt1603_0308 10.1inch
49=M013S_VT1609 10.1inch
49=puzhi_10.1inch_vt1609_ts_0308 10.1inch
50=Szstzl SV27D Phone 151 7inch
50=wms8153_7inch 7inch
51=Portablet 4.3inch
52=m008s_vt1603_151 9.7inch
53=m008s_vt1603_155 9.7inch
54=EZDY 9.7inch
54=iPAD 2 9.7inch
55=M003S (vt1609ts) 8inch
56=eMatic eGlide2 7inch
56=M731GA 7inch
57=M731GF 7inch
58=Sungale_Cyberus_ID702WTA_722 7inch
58=Polaroid M800 7inch
59=M009G 7inch
60=MyMIDPAD M706 7inch
60=M706B 7inch
61=MyMIDPAD M709 7inch
61=M709W 7inch
62=MyMIDPAD M806 8inch
63=TOMTOP C1212 7inch
64=USB-TEK M7001 Netbook 7inch
65=ZX07d 155 1603 7inch
66=ZX07d 155 1609 7inch
67=BLY706Fv4 7inch
68=Sungale_Cyberus_ID702WTA_722 sound fix 7inch
69=puzhi_7inch_vt1609_ts sound fix version by XJOKERX 7inch
70=BLY403_4.3inch_priv_yzx_a 4.3inch
71=BLY403_4.3inch_priv_yzx_b 4.3inch
72=PocketDroid_E403 4.3inch
73=PC-802B (ts and sound fix version by DJ_BAZS) 8inch
74=722_priv_jiutian_vt1609 7inch
75=iJoyGalatea 7inch
76=JBLITBOX8 8inch
77=Lanyu806 8inch
78=ZTAG_ZGTB007 7inch
79=X6-7V_7_Netbook 7inch
80=JBLITBOX8_TS 8inch
81=Polaroid mpc700gpr001
82=JM Bruneau 7inch
82=PI 6040H MID00-VB 7inch
83=Bluetech MM977 7inch
84=Bluetech MPCA622BT001 7inch
85=Bluetech MPCPW43BT001 8inch
85=MID800SPR001 8inch
86=CONNEX Tablette CX 7inch
86=MPCM700CX001 7inch
87=Maylong M-250 v3 7inch
88=Polaroid_mpcw43bt001 4.3inch
89=VDTECH 7inch
89=mpc700gvd001 7inch
90=706_phone_157 7inch
91=8g_705_phone_151_512mb 7inch
92=e10_phone_152 7inch
93=e10_phone_155 7inch
94=e10_phone_157 7inch
95=e10_phone_m788p_157 7inch
96=e11-b_8inch_1603_151 8inch
96=e99_8inch_1603_151 8inch
97=e18_1603_157 7inch
98=e88_97inch_0902_153 9.7inch
99=e88_97inch_200w_pixels_155 9.7inch
100=m7865 7inch
101=m80003w_s89 8inch
102=maipad_mx7650_122 7inch
103=maipad_mx7650_130 7inch
104=maipad_mx7650_2gb_153 7inch
105=maipad_mx7650_4gb_152 7inch
106=maipad_mx7651 7inch
107=maipad_mx7651_150 7inch
108=maipad_mx8650_130 8inch
109=mapan_mx7650_157-ya 7inch
110=mapan_mx7650_2gb_155-c_1609 7inch
111=mapan_mx7650_2gb_155-L 7inch
112=mapan_mx7650_2gb_155-L-F 7inch
113=mapan_mx7650_4gb_155 7inch
114=mapan_mx7650_4gb_155-t-v 7inch
115=mapan_mx7650_4gb_155-ya 7inch
116=mapan_mx7650_4gb_157-ch 7inch
117=mapan_mx8650_2gb_155-st 8inch
118=mx7650_150 7inch
119=mx7650_2gb_150 7inch
120=os-l001-18_phone 7inch
121=M709B 7inch
122=youchen_vt1603 7inch
123=MID04 7inch
124=M10phone 9.7inch (by Blaze)
125=iPad2 EZDY 9.7inch (by Blaze)
126=Polaroid MPC1000 (by ohwzo.nl)
127=wms8153_7inch_2g (by WRaven) (fixes sound/cam on some models)
128=Megatron KD-700 7inch
129=JoyPad 73 7inch
130=M010SM_2V2 7inch (by Blaze)
131=WMS8153_2g_vt1609 7inch (by Blaze)
132=BR419_L493 7inch
133=Digittex 7inch
134=Firstar MID070A 7inch
134=Firstar MID070A2 7inch
135=M7865 7inch
135=SC-70 MID 7inch
136=VivePad C77
136=iPC78 7inch tablet


Warning#1: While flashing, do not remove the SD card until it’s done!
Warning#2: Connect the tablet to the charger while updating!

Since v12b2 Uberoid default dumps your original env_uboot before it flashes on your device. When a first flash went wrong, you can recover your tablet most probably using this env_uboot file, it’s basically a file that configs your tablet’s hardware for Android. Use Dia_Betu’s WMT_Editor or HcH’s CHANGER that uses Robotop’s ebin2txt from to read the backupfile SD:\ENV.BIN and convert it into a readable file. Then replace the values of the problematic parts of your tablet (e.g. touch screen or sound) on an option most close to your device specs (7inch, blue led for example).

FAQ#1: HowTo Flash a unknown or unlisted tablet model:
Before installing the ROM on a unknown / unlisted tablet model I recommend using UberoidTool by Dia Betu.

Step 1. Start UBEROIDTOOL.exe, prepare your SD Card to make a backup of your tablet environment settings. After selection of SD Card you have the option to format or not selected SD. On the “Prepare” step, the application copies a a backupscript to the SD card.
Step 2. Turn off your tablet and insert the SD.
Step 3. Power on the tablet ! Wait to see the script running!
Step 4. After 3 is done, remove the SD and insert it back into your pc.
Step 5. Save the backup folder into safe location.
On “Transfer” the application copy the Uberoid into SD Card with your original
tablet settings!

FAQ#2: HowTo flash the ROM normal, if you know your model:
From a temporary location / hard disk:
1. Extract archive to your local PC in a temporary location
2. Try to identify your tablet model (M009s/M003s/M012s/etc.)
3. Run CHANGER.BAT from your this temporary directory and see what models
there are. * type “FIND” <enter> to search for a model.
4. Put in the number of your model and press <enter>
5. CHANGER will ask you to copy to SD, press “Y” <enter>
6. Enter the drive letter of your SD as listed on the SDTOOL
7. Turn off your tablet
8. Insert SD
9. Turn on your tablet
10. Follow on screen instructions
11. Enjoy a better tablet

Direct extraction to SD card:
1. Extract archive to SD CARD (so a directory SD:\FirmwareInstall is present and the file wmt_scriptcmd in the sd root)
2. Try to identify your tablet model (M009s/M003s/M012s/etc.)
3. Run CHANGER.BAT from your SD root and see what models there are
4. Put in the number of your model and press <enter> (do not copy to SD)
5. Turn off your tablet
6. Insert SD
7. Turn on your tablet
8. Follow instruction
9. Enjoy a better tablet

FAQ#3: HowTo Fix market cache problem, not all apps (like Google’s) can be found:
1. Open the Market and press the home button to return
2. Go to Settings \ Applications \ Manage \ Running
3. Press “Market”
4. Press “Clear cache” (do not clear data)
5. Press “Force stop”
6. Return to “Settings \ Applications \ Manage \ Running”
7. Press “Google Services Framework”
8. Press “Clear Data”
9. Press “Force Stop”
10. Start Google Market, it must give an error
11. Reboot, once back Market should work, if it gives an error it could need another minute to work
12. Test the access, search Skype on the market, it should return 400+ results including the original Skype and google’s apps like maps / streetview / docs and skype

FAQ#4: I have a no camera or a yellow screen when using the camera option and my tablet crashes on hibernation.
* You’ll need to open the CHANGER.BAT and see which uzImage (kernel) your model uses, there are bascially 2 kernels, for green and for blue led devices, if your device has problems with e.g. the green kernel use the uzImage_blue as uzImage file on your next flash.

FAQ#5: I have no WLAN, keeps saying Unable to scan for networks.
* Use option ‘RT3070′ in changer, or any other WLAN related option filed under “x” for extra options in the CHANGER. These will most likely fix your wlan problem, these patches/settings can be used with any model.

FAQ#6: I get a “Force close” on the G-Sensor Calibration.
* setenv wmt.io.gsensor 1:3:4:0:1:1:-1:2:-1 should be changed to setenv wmt.io.gsensor 1:3:4:0:1:1:-1:2:-1:0:0:0
or using connectbot or terminal emulator:
1. su <enter> <allow>
2. wmtenv set wmt.io.gsensor 1:3:4:0:1:1:-1:2:-1:0:0:0 <enter> (or 1:3:4:0:1:1:-1:2:-1:-94:0:0 , currently known for 9.7″ devices)
3. reboot


v12 final:

  • fixed 0byte packages
  • added khmer support
  • added new model wms8153_7inch_2g_vt1609 submitted by blaze
  • updated the compatibility list
  • fixed battry charging animation in framework
  • applied TekNotes’s final version of the ICS mods services.jar, statusbar, bootanimation
  • updated the REC (recovery) command instructions
  • added com.android.livewall.microbes as live wallpaper
  • fixed a few entries in the compatibility list
  • removed wmtweather and titanium backup
  • replaced wmtweather with com.palmarysoft.forecaweather
  • added new command in CHANGER: CIFS: gives the xtramods cifs tun and nls_utf8 modules
  • latest version of Google Play Store v3.7.11
  • disabled bluetooth services on default Uberoid installation (xtramods will enable them)
  • disabled all cell services on default Uberoid installation (phone patch / phone models will enable the services again)
  • added Megatron KD-700 7inch model (including battery fix)
  • fixed CHANGER’s xtramods option code
  • fixed battery on option 18 (thanks Virtual_Nobody!)
  • added flickerfix to the changer
  • fixed the 512mb phone model to run 256mb
  • added wifi n patch
  • added JoyPad 73 model

v12 Beta2:

  • added OSX CHANGER (TEST VERSiON!, feedback please!)
  • attempt to fix all the gsensor calibration issues
  • fixed the angry birds incompatible problem
  • memory is set to 212 instead 224 (resolving artifacts one some models)
  • added CHANGER.SH script done by GIVAS
  • updated CHANGER.SH with 85 new models
  • added Polaroid MPC1000 model by ohwzo.nl
  • added another Tablet Phone model wms8153_7inch_2g by WRaven
  • created default uboot_env recovery procedure on flash
  • mod services jar texts to be dark grey
  • fixed ezdy9.7″ uboot env thanks to Blaze
  • smaller clock text on the statusbar
  • added Robotop’s ebin2etxt tool for bad flash recovery using the changer
  • added a new procedure to the changer to use Robotop’s ebin2etxt and automatically make directory with the backup
  • cleared up packages (no more 0byte apps in the list)
  • fixed Solid Explorer problem

v12 Beta:

  • fixed launcher iconsize from 70 to 48
  • phone support upgraded to v5
  • added a lot of new models
  • solid explorer 1.2.3
  • removed file expert
  • various model compatiblity fixes

v12 Beta Preview:

  • updated Google Play to 3.5.19
  • rebuilt with 1.5.7 firmware base
  • fixed google services framework
  • optimized ROM size
  • updated file expert to 4.1.4
  • fixed google accounts bug
  • added meridian player
  • added dev tools
  • added google voice search
  • added opera mini
  • added spare parts
  • rooted
  • modded installer fonts
  • added memory boosts
  • quicker boot mod
  • optimized all png’s in HC framework
  • added su bins 3.0.7
  • added superuser 3.0.7
  • added youtube 2.3.4
  • added default android terminal
  • rebuilt the xtra_mods support package
  • full flash player 10.1 (not the evaluation)
  • fix locale patch to run on 1.5.7 (default EN US!)
  • added function to localepatch for keyboards characters
  • added function to localepatch for keyboards layouts
  • fixed S89 audioboost problem (thanks Vinz!)
  • rebuilt tamil support
  • removed phone support v2
  • added bootanimaker in the CHANGER
  • Rebuilt HoneyComb 3.0 and IceCreamSandwich 4.0 frameworks
  • fixed bootanimationzip maker (Thanks Satcomranger!)
  • fixed launcher icons to row 4(5) instead of 5(6) (Thanks Satcomranger!)
  • updated google play store from 3.4.7 to 3.5.16
  • added optional busybox 1.19 update in the changer
  • added Tamil language support
  • rebuilt Tamil language support for 1.5.7 firmware
  • updated Uberoidtool to 1.02
  • optimized all png’s in ICS framework
  • write /proc/system/vpp/pixel_clock 33000000
  • fixed build prop dalvic cache double line by Leeh33
  • Uberoid can be themed in three versions of android, Froyo 2.2, HoneyComb 3.0 and IceCreamSandwich 4.0
  • included cannot upgrade kernel-NAND patch
  • disabled default bootanimation for faster boot
  • added Robotop’s Sheller (HcH Edition) “use it at your own risk, intended for advanced users” website: ficara.altervista.org
  • added new model 706_phone_157
  • added new model 8g_705_phone_151_512mb
  • added new model e10_152
  • added new model e10_155
  • added new model e10_157
  • added new model e10_m788p_157
  • added new model e11-b_and_e99_8inch_1603_151
  • added new model e18_1603_157
  • added new model e88_97inch_0902_153
  • added new model e88_97inch_200w_pixels_155
  • added new model m7865
  • added new model m80003w_s89
  • added new model maipad_mx7650_122
  • added new model maipad_mx7650_130
  • added new model maipad_mx7650_2gb_153
  • added new model maipad_mx7650_4gb_152
  • added new model maipad_mx7651
  • added new model maipad_mx7651_150
  • added new model maipad_mx8650_130
  • added new model mapan_mx7650_157-ya
  • added new model mapan_mx7650_2gb_155-c_1609
  • added new model mapan_mx7650_2gb_155-L
  • added new model mapan_mx7650_2gb_155-L-F
  • added new model mapan_mx7650_4gb_155
  • added new model mapan_mx7650_4gb_155-t-v
  • added new model mapan_mx7650_4gb_155-ya
  • added new model mapan_mx7650_4gb_157-ch
  • added new model mapan_mx8650_2gb_155-st
  • added new model mx7650_150
  • added new model mx7650_2gb_150
  • added new model os-l001-18_phone
  • rebuilt the phone support package for 1.5.7
  • Uberoid has a new theme, ICS!:
    1. ICS Roboto font
    2. ICS Keyboard
    3. ICS Wallpaper
    4. ICS Services sizes/color MODs
    5. ICS Clock by JulioJS
    6. ICS Framework MOD

    Includes the general ICS framework-res with these special mods:
    1. dropdown mod
    2. media player buttons mod
    3. searchbuttons mod
    4. application focus mod
    5. keyboard textfield mod
    6. list selector background mod
    7. menuitem background mod
    8. background pressed application mod
    9. check button mod
    10. close button mod
    11. textfield mod
    12. circle button mod
    13. radio button mod
    14. battery meter mod by wr7
    16. highlight mod
    17. sd card mod
    18. statusbar background mod
    19. statusbar mods by wr7
    20. press mod

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          After a successfull restore, try to flash again, but with different model number.

  4. Alfredo says:

    Hola buen dia , tengo una Tablet marca Volcano modelo VLC-705IP, el android que tenia instalado se reseteo para que volviera a la configuracion de fabrica y no funciono mas, nesecito saber cual y como instalar un nuevo Android que sea
    compatible con este modelo de Tablet , desde ya muchas gracias. Alfredo

  5. John E says:

    I installed Uberoid what seemed to be successfully on a PC-802 tablet. Before the install, the Android 2.1 would only show a splash screen. After installing Uberoid and removing mico usb card (when instructed) now when I power up the tablet I first get the Android “bot” then the animated Uberoid logo… and that is where it remains. Progresses no further. HELP!

    • Christian Stefanus says:

      Hi, John…

      1. Can you describe your flashing steps?
      2. What file system you use when formatting your SD card?
      3. Have U try to restore your tablet backup and reflash it again?
  6. James Gorman says:

    Having recently purchased two Hybrid WM8650 tablets it is noted that these are 1.5.8 and not 1.5.7 as were the earlier ones. Since I cannot find any information regarding this newer version which has the same Kernel ( a Build Number of: generic-eng2.2 Froyo Ver1.5.8-20120331.020738, (which is different) I am wondering if there is a link?

    • Christian Stefanus says:

      Hi James,
      Current release of Uberoid is based on firmware version 1.5.7. For version 1.5.8, it’s still under development. The Modder, HardCore Hacker, saying that a beta version is has been released, but he didn’t provide any link to download it yet..

  7. Robert says:

    I’ve loaded Uberoid on a Soundlogic WM8650 netbook. It loaded fine and works great. The issue i’m having is no sound is coming out of the speakers. I see the headphone graphic in the bottom menu and I can hear audio using headphones but I’d like to hear the audio through the speakers. Any idea?

    • Christian Stefanus says:

      Hi Robert,
      Please try this. This solution is not from me, but from HCH himself.
      Please make sure that you already copy your backup to a save place…

      When you have no sound on the WM8650 using Uberoid there are several solutions:

      1. Try another option from the changer (recommended)
        most models are support but some need another option in order to work 100%
      2. Manually modified the env_uboot file
        this fixes the problem when there is sound but only from the headphone jack and not from the speakers


        • Open the env_uboot in a hex editor
        • Find wmtenv set wmt.audio.i2s vt1603:f1:f2:f1:f1:100* and change to wmtenv set wmt.audio.i2s vt1603:f1:f2:f1:f1:ff *
        • Reflash

        or use wmtenv set to change it with a terminal emulator
        *This is an example, instead of vt1603:f1:f2:f1:f1 this could be something like wm8900:ff:ff:ff:ff or something else

      3. Try another driver, only if all above fails!

        wmtenv set wmt.audio.i2s vt1603:f1:f2:ff:ff:100
        wmtenv set wmt.audio.spi 1:0:0 (NOTE: Some devices require this value to
        be omitted)
        wmtenv set wmt.audio.i2s vt1603:f1:f2:f1:f1:100
        wmtenv set wmt.audio.spi 1:0:0
        wmtenv set wmt.audio.i2s vt1603:f2:ff:ff:ff:100
        (no wmt.audio.spi 1:0:0)
        wmtenv set wmt.audio.i2s vt1603:f1:f2:ff:ff:100
        (no wmt.audio.spi 1:0:0)
        wmtenv set wmt.audio.i2s vt1603:f2:f1:ff:ff:100
        (no wmt.audio.spi 1:0:0)
        wmtenv set wmt.audio.i2s vt1603:f2:f2:ff:ff:100
        (no wmt.audio.spi 1:0:0)
        wmtenv set wmt.audio.i2s vt1603:f1:f2:ff:ff:ff
        (no wmt.audio.spi 1:0:0)
        wmtenv set wmt.audio.i2s wm8900:ff:ff:ff:ff
        (no wmt.audio.spi 1:0:0)

        You’re not going to like this, you must try every one of these. There are even more possibilities other than these!
        Now I recommend you to use ConnectBot to try these settings out:
        1. Use any terminal emulator
        2. su
        3. wmtenv set wmt.audio.i2s wm8900:ff:ff:ff:ff
        4. reboot
        5. test sound, test headphone! (* if there is only sound from the headphones, try fix #1)
  8. essevee says:


    I installed this ROM on my WM8650 7 inch (using model number 8) and the flashing seemed succesful: the device asked to remove the SD card. Afther SD removal, the system rebooted and a loading bar showed up together with the Android robot. Afther this the device rebooted again and the loading bar showed up again. It seems stuck in this loop.

    Any suggestions?

    • Christian Stefanus says:

      Hi Essevee,

      Please try to reflash your device with other model number. Different led color might have different model number..

      Make sure you copy your original backup to other place before reflashing it again..

      • essevee says:

        What number should I use? The full name of my device is:

        • Christian Stefanus says:

          Because there is no standard in naming convention for China Android Tablet, its a little confusing to determine its original name.
          Do you know your tablet vendor name?
          What is the color of the led?

          Btw, I’m a little busy with my job, but I try to respond to your (and others) comments as soon as I can.

  9. Jonathan says:

    i don’t know my notebook model no…..please help….
    one thing more i have a notebook not a tablet (same model and configuration) will it work on a notebook ????? …..
    please help…
    thanks in advance.

  10. Jonathan says:

    I have just installed a new os…..oh yeah.!!!
    thank u for this great peice…..thanks a lot..

    • Christian Stefanus says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      Congratulation for your successfull experiment ;)
      Few members in TechKnow Forum is does installing Uberoid in their netbook..
      May I know your notebook type or model?

  11. Mukesh says:

    hi ,
    just update hch Rom v.12.1 update to the problem of cannot update some file and tablet not fully update…. please help me.

    cannot update NAND..
    *E* Failed to Android-data partition…
    android 2.2
    kernel 2.6
    build number 1.5.7

    • Christian Stefanus says:

      Hi Mukesh,

      What is your tablet model and which number you use to flash it? Please try to reflash it with different number.

  12. Mukesh says:

    Chinese tablet mid 7 … wm8650.
    just install hch v.12 not be update fully then some errors into process …. and finally not booted my tablat…

    • Christian Stefanus says:

      Hi Mukesh,

      I think you choose wrong number for your device.
      Please try to reflash your device with different number. You can restore your tablet using backup file created from previous flashing process.

      Consider these before picking your number:

      • Tablet vendor name (if any)
      • Tablet model/code/name (if any)
      • Tablet screen size (7″ in your case)
      • Tablet LED color

      Hope this help you.

  13. Mukesh says:

    model no wm8650 (i don’t no code)
    tablet led color green..

    but how to check vendor name… under the information in my tablet
    android OS 2.2 AND
    kernel 2.6
    built number 1.5.7

    • Christian Stefanus says:

      Hi Mukesh,

      Maybe you can find your tablet vendor name and tablet name printed in the box of your tablet.. :p

      Vendor is your tablet manufacturer or distributor brand name, like “Blackberry”, “Nokia”, “Samsung”, etc. In the compatibility list above, you can see vendor name like “Maylong”, “Promedia”, “Xiron”, etc. But if you still can’t find your vendor name, you can omit this. Please note that some tablet in the list above doesn’t have a vendor name in it.

      Tablet name/code/type is a name that your tablet vendor use to promote or call your tablet device, like “Galaxy ACE S5830″, “Gemini Curve 8520″, etc. In the compatibility list above, you can see tablet name like “MPC700G”, “GW-70″, “PWS700HV”, etc. But if you still can’t find your tablet name, you can omit this. Please note that some tablet in the list above doesn’t have a tablet name in it.

  14. vipul says:

    hi ,
    my tablet wm8650 7 inch..
    when install uberoid. v 12.1 that not successfully install… and tablet not boot up only black screen… please help me..

    • Christian Stefanus says:

      Hi Vipul,

      Your problem is same like Mukesh.

      If your flashing process is stopped because an error or if your flashing process is successful but failed to boot or got a bootloop, its mean you wrong device model number.

      Please try to reflash your tablet but pick others device model numbers. If you don’t know your tablet exact model type, you should experiment with it…

      Hope this help you Vipul.

  15. Kris says:

    My wondermedia wm 8650 doesn not switches on .the ony thing i can see is a black screen . but the green light glows which is the indication of the device is on .

    • Christian Stefanus says:

      Hi Kris,

      Same like previous comment, If your flashing process is stopped because an error or if your flashing process is successful but failed to boot or got a bootloop, its mean you wrong device model number.

      Please try to reflash your tablet but pick others device model numbers. If you don’t know your tablet exact model type, you should experiment with it…

      Hope this help you and others Kris.

  16. Chris says:

    Hi there,
    I just installed the uberoid on my tablet but it doesnt work
    the problem is when a touch for example the clock the menu opens when a touch on the other side something else pops up

    it like the touch is inverted or so….

    can some one help?


    • Christian Stefanus says:

      Hi Chris,
      Have you solve your problem? Maybe you should recalibrate your touchscreen.
      This is how you calibrate your touchscreen as posted by Grooge at TechKnow Forum

      In this forum, I read lots of problem about screen not responding. When I did my device, often, I was not able to get touchscreen to respond to my input. To make sure that it was not a calibration problem, I was making sure that I could swap screen by moving my finger to the left or to the right. If I was able to move the screen, then the touchscreen was working. Problems with icons is that the device know where they are, but the touchscreen send touch position far away from the icons, and the device thought that pressure was not on relevant information. That’s what calibration is for. When I calibrated mine, I had to touch half inch underneath the correct option to select it.

      Resistive screens are composed of 2 layers. One layer is coated on the screen and a second one is a thin screen, the one that you actually touch. Spacers are used to keep them separated. When you press with your finger, you are pushing the top layer against the screen. Array of sensor determinate the position and the controller send the position of the touch to the device and the device respond according to the data. Touchscreen resolution is more than the actual device resolution. It can be as high as 4096×4096, but it depends of the screen size. So, a touch at position 100×100 of the touchscreen doesn’t mean a touch at position 100×100 on the device screen. That’s why calibration is needed. The 5 crosshairs on the screen are known position to the device. So, the device wants to know what do they translate to the touchscreen. So, let say that the first crosshair is at position 20×20 on the device screen. Using the pencil (or any small enough point that won’t hurt the screen), press exactly at the center of the crosshair. The touchscreen controller will sense that and send a position to the device that can be 100×100. by doing the 4 others crosshair, position on the touchscreen can then be mapped to corresponding position on the actual device screen. Using a finger to calibrate may or may not work. Depending of the pressure, position cannot be accurate enough for correct mapping. To have an input, the controller must interpolate the precise point from various pressure points and depending of the size of the finger, or the shape, these point are not always the same. Using the pencil to calibrate will make finger input more precise. And that is also why you cannot calibrate with a mouse.

      I hope that it will help.

      Grooge, http://www.techknow.me/forum/index.php?topic=879.0

  17. Sokawc says:

    Look, I have a tablet overtech mid 70 social networks, and installing the ubedroid, I installed correctly, and told me to remove the SD, then extracted and turned off the screen, I gave only turn on and light green, and if you come back to give the power button, the light goes off and so continuously, which Can I make?

  18. JANE says:

    i just brought unknown brand it was named pc tablet android 4.0 MID A13 for my kids then we try it to boot the smarthbroad band but it shut down then when we re start only logo of adroid appears at the screen, do you think i can restore it?

    • Christian Stefanus says:

      Hi Jane…

      Sorry because I just reply your comment now…
      For your problem, it would be better if you send it back to the vendor and let them fix it because it still in warranty period..

  19. good says:

    well, you’ve got a point

  20. Michele says:

    Good morning Christian…I you can help me. We bought an epad model M706B VIA ARM926 for my son a couple years ago. Recently after not using it for a year or so we pulled it out to use but when you power it on the android guy comes on and in the bottom right corner it says Android OS 2.2 Kernel 2.6.32 Build number V1.5.1 but is stuck there. No changes. After much reading I understand I may need to reinstall something. I am not a computer girl but am trying really hard to understand.. i have my SD card ready but I can’t figure out what link to download on my Windows PC. Also on another link it said you need to put some code in to make sure the wireless works when you re flash it??? Can you help me and give me the direct link and directions?? I would so appreciate it!! Thanks in advance:)

    • Christian Stefanus says:

      Hi Michele…

      First of all, actually I didn’t recommended you to do it by yourself because it may brick your Epad and even maybe cannot be repaired anymore.
      Please reply if you still want to do it. I will gladly to help you out.. But only if you ready with the worst..

  21. Xinixi says:

    Bro, I just installed your custom ROM & i like it. After installing any custom ROM, my touch panel is not working. I tried touch calibration but no success. Any solution to this problem.

    Tablet model: Winpad-C07
    Tablet vendor: WinTouch
    Tablet size: 7″

    • Christian Stefanus says:

      Hi Xinixi, sorry if i was late… Do you have found a solution for your touchscreen? If not, please try this…

      1. First, connect your SDCARD to your PC.
      2. Navigate to folder FirmwareInstall -> env. Inside env folder, you’ll see a file called env_uboot, this is the file I needed to edit.
      3. Make a backup of this file by copying it to another place outside of your SDCARD.
      4. Open env_uboot file, and paste all of these code
        setenv memtotal 212M
        setenv mmcid 0
        setenv lpj AUTO
        setenv ipaddr
        setenv serverip
        setenv gatewayip
        setenv netmask
        setenv kernelargs \
          setenv bootargs mem=${memtotal} root=${filesystem-NAND_mtd} noinitrd rootfstype=yaffs2 \
          rw console=ttyS0,115200n8 lpj=${lpj} ${android_bootargs} ${platform_bootargs} \

        setenv bootcmd \
          nandrw r ${kernel-NAND_ofs} 0x1000000 ${kernel-NAND_len}\; \
          if iminfo 0x1000000\; then \
            run kernelargs\; \
            bootm 0x1000000\; \
          fi\; \
          echo No kernel found

        setenv logocmd \
          nandrw r ${wmt.nfc.mtd.u-boot-logo} ${wmt.display.logoaddr} 10000\; \
          nandrw r ${wmt.nfc.mtd.u-boot-logo2} ${wmt.display.logoaddr2} 40000\; \
          nandrw r ${wmt.nfc.mtd.kernel-logo} ${wmt.kernel.animation.addr} 80000\; \
          display init force\; \
          decompanima -f ${wmt.display.logoaddr2} 0x3000000; \
          decompanima -f ${wmt.display.logoaddr} 0x3000000

        setenv wmt.display.logoaddr 500000
        setenv wmt.display.logoaddr2 550000
        setenv wmt.kernel.animation.addr f600000
        setenv wmt.io.pwbn 100:0:2000
        setenv wmt.eth.param 1
        setenv wmt.gpi.bat [0:0:00020000:d8110040:d8110080:d8110000:d8110480:d81104C0][1:0:00000020:d8110040:d8110080:d8110000:d8110480:d81104C0][2:1:00010000:d8110040:d8110080:d8110000: d8110480:d81104C0]
        setenv wmt.gpo.camera1 1:0:7:D8110040:D8110080:D81100C0
        setenv wmt.gpo.wifi 6:1:6:d8110040:d8110080:d81100C0
        setenv wmt.gpt.gsensor 3:8:d8110040:d8110080:d8110000:d8110480:d81104c0:83000000:d8110300:8:d8110320:6
        setenv wmt.io.bat 3:2:1000:db1:b8b:db1:d7a:d43:d0c:cd5:c9e:c67:c30:bf9:bc2:b8b
        setenv wmt.io.gsensor 1:3:4:0:1:1:-1:2:-1
        setenv wmt.sys.keypad commonboard:1:rc_1:4:c0_73:c1_72:r0_9e:r1_8b
        setenv wmt.pwbn.param 100:0:500
        setenv wmt.ui.storage 7
        setenv wmt.bus.i2c i2c0:1:1:i2c1:1:1
        setenv bootdelay 1
        setenv wmt_ui_hibernation 1
        setenv wmt_sys_powerhold 0
        setenv wmt.gpo.vibrator 1:1:2:D8110040:D8110080:D81100C0:1
        setenv wmt.camera.param 0:0:0
        setenv android_bootargs init=/init
        setenv platform_bootargs wmtvo=2:1:24:800:480:60
        setenv wmt.display.param 2:0:16:0:0:0
        setenv wmt.display.tmr 40000:0:10:46:800:20:10:23:480:10
        setenv wmt.display.pwm 0:25:50:99
        setenv wmt.io.mxcgsensor 1:3:4:0:1:1:1:2:-1
        setenv wmt.io.d06sensor 1:3:4:1:-1:0:1:2:-1
        setenv wmt.audio.i2s vt1603:f1:f2:f1:f1:100
        setenv wmt.audio.spi 1:0:0
        setenv wmt.io.touch 1:vt1609:2:800:480
        setenv wmt.vt160x.bat 1:0:10:0
        setenv wmt.model.no puzhi_7inch_vt1609_ts
        setenv wmt.io.ts.2dcal -35 -17480 34729366 11700 33 -3553183 39892

      Hope this help you..

      • Xinixi says:

        Thanks Bro. I guess I replying you too late. First I installed the option 2 which listed my tablet model but after retrying some other options i manage to install option 123 which is MID04 7in. who resolve my touch problem. Now i am facing sound, audio and camera hardware problem and couldn’t login to skype.

        Now my question is do i have to replace the given codes and reinstall my tablet or i just run through as it is…?

        • Christian Stefanus says:

          Its up to you Xinixi. You can choose to keep your tablet current ROM and try to find some fixes for the Sound, Camera, and Connection problem. Or you can revert your installation and try to fix the touchscreen.

          Although I cannot give you any guarantee that this touchscreen fix will help you to solve your touchscreen problem, but it is worth to try I guess.

          If you want to use the touchscreen fix above, you will need to reinstall your tablet with the option 2 as your base.

  22. Candra Setyawan says:

    hi chris .. I have a problem with wifi, my tablet device IMO X3 7 “.’m trying to choose the number 27 = Pad IMO Tab X3 7″ and the result is successful but still wifi problem “Unable to scan for network” and I use the option ‘RT3070′ or ‘RT30702 ‘in the changer and tried to flash again still does not fix the problem. help me to fix my problem? Thanks before.

    • Christian Stefanus says:

      Hi Candra, thanks for visiting my blog gan… ;)

      As far as I know, RT3070 or RT30702 is the only working patches for Wifi problems. If applying those patches is not working for you, maybe you should try previous version of Uberoid or restore to your stock rom.

      Read also Probleme Wifi (Solved) by Zoone91

      Hope this help you and others.

  23. mahdi says:

    i have a i710b (innovel) device but i don’t know choice which of models…

  24. Ali mansoor khan says:

    hello can a umpc102vd based on wms8650 running uberoid connected to an external monitor or a tv via its usb ports ???? i got this from a friend and it’s screen is broken

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